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Kee Walk® Rooftop Walkway

A modular roof walkway system that is easy to install and designed to meet international safety standards. Available in both nylon and aluminium treaded options.

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Kee Walk® Rooftop Walkway

Walkways that go above and beyond

Kee Walk® provides a safe, anti-slip, level walkway for workers who need to access a roof in the course of their work. Its intelligent design protects the roof surface from unnecessary damage and integrates easily with either guardrails or lifeline systems.
Kee Walk Steps

Why do you need Kee Walk Rooftop Walkways?

Suitable for All Roofs

Kee Walk® is designed for modern roof types including trapezoidal profile composite or built up and standing seam metal roofs. It can be used on flat, barrel, or sloping roofs, with steps and a traverse option so you can create access to virtually any roof configuration from 0 to 35 degrees.

Protects You and the Roof

Kee Walk® has been specially developed to give you total flexibility in creating safe access to all areas of a roof. Not only does it protect those accessing the roof, but it also protects the roof sheet itself. It does this thanks to its clearly defined access path eliminating foot traffic on the roof sheet.

Easy to Install

Modules are supplied as 1.5m and 3m pre-assembled sections to suit the needs of different roofs. The glass-reinforced nylon or aluminum treads are attached to aluminum support beams that are fixed to the roof surface. There are no unique parts needed.

Key features of Kee Walk Rooftop Walkway

Clear Walkways

Thanks to clear on-roof demarcation, it helps to prevent the roof’s surface being damaged.

All Types of Roofs

Designed for modern roof types including trapezoidal, profile, composite or built up and standing seam metal roofs.

Roof Angles up to 35 degrees

This flexible walkway system can be adapted for roof angles from 0 to 35 degrees and can be adjusted on site.

Standard Kit Formats

Comes in a kit form in standard sizes and can be quickly installed to create a safe working area.

Non-slip Treads

The walkway is made from nylon, aluminium or GRP treads with enhanced slip resistance.

High Fire Rating

The nylon treads are fire rated to Class HB of UL94 and will not present a fire risk.

No Welding Needed

Made from tubular fittings and standard modules so it can be installed on-site without any welding.

Long Lasting

Available in aluminium or galvanized steel for long-lasting protection, corrosion resistance and strength.

Kee Walk Rooftop Walkway in Action

Add Guardrail or Lifeline Systems

Create a complete fall protection system with our full range of safety products.

KS KWA 1437 Medium 950X720

Kee Walk with Guardrail System

The guardrail protection eliminates the fall hazard present when workers are exposed to an unprotected edge while accessing or coming off a roof top.

Roof Walkway With Lifeline 1

Kee Walk with Kee Line System

When guardrails aren’t suitable for planning or visual reasons, Kee Line can be added as a wire based, horizontal lifeline system to protect workers at height.

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Highest standards for rooftop safety

Kee Walk exceeds relevant OSHA standards together with EN516:2006, the European standard for the test requirements of roof access walkways. This includes measuring the deflection and residual deformation under specified loads. Kee Walk Rooftop Walkways have surpassed all testing allowing the system to be CE marked under the European Construction Products Regulation No. 305/2011.

Certified at our advanced testing facility

Kee Safety runs one of the world’s leading test and training centers at its UK Head Office. Run by a team of industry experts, this state-of-the-art facility ensures Kee Safety meets the needs of its customers, provides them with fully compliant products, and drives new innovation with the purpose of separating people from hazards.

KS KWA 1481
Kee Walk® was an ideal modular system with no custom made parts. Each section was delivered to the site fully assembled to provide a level, anti-slip walking surface.
Jeff Rowley, Product Manager, Kee Safety

Trusted Fall Protection for Recognized Brands

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