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Kee Cover® Rooflight Protection

A range of fragile rooflight covers designed to prevent falls through skylights and rooflights.

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Kee Cover® Rooflight Protection

Light up your safety procedures

Protect people from falling through fragile rooflights with Kee Cover® Skylight Covers. Kee Cover has been specifically designed to provide an effective solution for covering unprotected rooflights without blocking out the light they are supposed to let into a building.
Kee Cover

Why do you need Kee Cover Skylight Fall Protection?


Adaptable fall protection solution for covering rooflights on trapezoidal and standing seam roofs. Variable height caters for different shaped roof lights. One and two metre extension panels are available for larger rooflights and skylights.

Smart Design

Our fall protection skylight cover offering has been designed to protect people and preserve your roof. The skylight is protected by a strong mesh panel that sits on a sturdy metal frame. The protection is then clamped to the standing seam without penetrating either the roof or skylight.


Rooflight covers have been tested to EN ISO 1873: 2014 Part 2 and comply with the ACR Red Book.

Key Features


All components and mesh panels are hot dip galvanised for enhanced durability.

Easily Installed

Kee Cover is a component based system, allowing ease of transport of components to the roof and easy assembly on site.

Multiple Rooflight Styles

The system can be used on a wide variety of rooflights. Variable height caters for different shaped rooflights and extension panels are available for larger skylights.

Light Gets Through

The mesh panels don’t block out light, meaning the building will stay illuminated.

Skylights A

The Most Dangerous Hazard

Many people incorrectly assume that the most dangerous fall hazard is the edge of the roof.  While very dangerous, people instinctively know to stay away from the edge.  Skylights are more dangerous because they are often in the walking path of the people on the roof and many do not see them as a danger.  Many skylights are fragile and could not support the weight of a falling person.  Many fatalities happen when people fall THROUGH the roof, not necessarily over the edge. 

Overview of Kee Cover® Rooflight Fall Protection

Rooflight Cover Models

Kee Cover Standard 1


The standard model fixes virtually flat to the roof surface, it has been designed to be permanently secured directly over the roof light.

Kee Cover Raised


The Raised Model is mounted above the skylight to give a greater distance between the mesh panel and the rooflight, so in the event of a fall the Raised Model will support the weight without damaging the skylight.

Highest standards for off-the-ground safety

  • EN 1873:2014 - Prefabricated Accessories for roofing
  • Tested to the criteria and loadings taken from the UK ACR Red Book Test For Non-Fragility of Roof Assemblies 

Certified at our advanced testing facility

Kee Safety runs one of the world’s leading test and training centres at its UK Head Office. Run by a team of industry experts, this state-of-the-art facility ensures Kee Safety meets the needs of its customers, provides them with fully compliant products, and drives new innovation with the purpose of separating people from hazards. 

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Kee Cover Rooflight Protection for Porcelanosa Warehouses

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Kee Cover Rooflight Fall Protection

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