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Maintenance Pit Cover for Inspection Pits

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Expand Your Work Site Safety

The PitProtect is a lightweight concertina inspection pit cover. It has been created to safeguard open pits, and is designed to be robust, adjustable and quick and easy to deploy. The inspection pit cover protects against falls while still giving access to the underside of the vehicle. The system has been formulated with aluminium and is fully adjustable in length and width. Each bar can be set at a different width so is suitable for covering a pit that's uneven in width; ensuring a perfect fit every time.

Benefits of PitProtect Inspection Pit Covers

Safety Where There Is None

Pits are difficult to protect because they often have vehicles that are moving back and forth over the top of them. PitProtect gives you a solution where previously there were no good options.

Permanent Solution

When people protect pits (if they do at all), they usually use temporary solutions like boards that are insecure and have their own dangers. In most cases these ad-hoc solutions are not fit for purpose.

The Access You Need

The expanding nature of the PitProtect pit cover allows you to open the sections you need to access the vehicle's underside.
OSC PP 3303

We've got you covered!

Maintenance industries have full of physically demanding and challenging work.  The work processes that are required often take the operative's attention away from the floor and onto the work.  PitProtect covers prevent a dangerous fall from occurring and allow people to work in a safe, focused way.  

Key Features

A Perfect Fit

The PitProtect system is available in a variety of widths and has ends to expand to fit perfectly into the channel around the pit.

Adjustable Opening

The concertina design of the PitProtect allows the unit to open and close over the pit opening. Locking pins hold the system in place at different lengths.


The lightweight aluminum allows the system to be expanded and contracted easily. It also makes for easier transportation if the units need to be removed.

OSC PP 3246 Small

Location Pins

Vertical location pins can be added to ensure the that the PitProtect is seated properly in the side rail.

OSC PP 3241 Small

Spring-loaded Positioning Pins

Spring-loaded locking pins ensure that the system will not move by locking the unit into the side rail.

Video Overview of PitProtect Inspection Pit Cover

Safety from the ground up

  • PitProtect platforms are tested to European and North American standards.

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